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Protein Expression and Purification

The "Protein Expression and Purification" course is a 3-day series of theoretical and practical sessions. The goal is to offer a comprehensive understanding of the most common techniques used for the expression of proteins in bacteria and their purification.

The theoretical lecture will focus on the characteristics of vectors and E. coli strains specific for protein expression, growing of cell cultures, cell harvest and lysis, optimisation of protein expression and purification of protein through distinct types of chromatography.


Additionally, technical support will be provided during the practical sessions with regards to equipment.

The course also includes hands-on sessions which will offer the opportunity to grow a strain of E. coli expressing a fluorescent protein and purify the protein with Ni-NTA affinity chromatography using the AKTA Start purifier.

Length of course: 3 days

Price: £1500*

*Price applies to groups from 3 to 5

For more information, please Contact Us.

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