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Liquid Chromatography

This course covers the concepts of liquid chromatography and its use for purification, separation and quantification of proteins and other biomolecules.
The first day will cover the key aspects for the choice of chromatography (size exclusion, ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, affinity chromatography), column, mobile phase and detector. In addition to this, the mode of operation of HPLC and FPLC will also be described (column equilibration, sample loading, washing and elution)
On the second day, a trial run of HPLC-UV and FPLC will be performed and the output will be discussed.
Basics of chromatograms analysis will also be covered using the Agilent Chemstation software.

Length of course: 2 days

Price: £1000*

*Price applies to groups from 3 to 5
For further information please Contact Us.

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