Rental of Lab Equipment

BiOspace offers a broad range of on-site equipment necessary for R&D in fields such as protein chemistry, cell culture and assay development and nanotechnologies.

Thorough, but simple to follow SOPs will aid you in the use of the equipment.

BiOspace can offer comprehensive technical support and training for all of its equipment and PhD qualified scientists can provide assistance at any time during the course of your stay.

For a full list of our equipment click here.

With AKTA Start purifier FPLC, Biacore, HPLC and electrophoresis systems, BiOspace can provide all the facilities that you require for protein expression, purification, conjugation and interaction, and other protein chemistry procedures.


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BiOspace has an entire section dedicated to cell cultures.
Sterile laminar flow-hoods, incubators, shakers, centrifuges, bioreactors, and much more can be rented for cultures of bacteria, yeasts, microalgae, plant tissues and mammalian cells.


Equipment for spectrophotometry, luminometry and fluorimetry, such as nanodrop and plate readers can be used to develop assays for diagnostics, drug repositioning and other screening.