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where sharing facilities and expertise is the key to success

BiOspace allows you to rent specialised equipment, lab and office facilities and can provide virtual tenancies for start-up enterprises.

Located within the heart of Manchester, BiOspace offers biotech and med-tech companies an alternative to purchasing specialised equipment and employing scientists.

BiOspace provides the ideal environment for research, development and proof-of-concept, helping to prototype and launch your innovative ideas. There is also a team of dedicated scientists on hand to provide technical support and training as required.

‘We needed an urgent two-week turnaround for modification of fluorescent nanoparticles to secure essential patents. After initial consultation with Dr. Farid Khan, who has extensive fluorescent bioconjugation and assay experience in industry and academia, we were sure that BiOspace had both the expertise and the analytical instrumentation to undertake the project. We were pleased with the professional undertaking of the experiments and interpretation of results and we highly recommend their services’

Mark McCairn - CEO Chromition Ltd.

'As a company heavily involved in analysis, we purchased a new HPLC machine. We contacted BiOspace for training in method development and in the operation of the new HPLC. The training sessions were extremely useful. Aspects of the methodology that we had not fully considered were highlighted and this subsequently helped me to prepare a more focused and structured approach to our analysis'

Adeola Adebesin - Alchemy Pharmatech

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